Stop Smoking with Hypnosis - Forever!

"The best way to describe it is that I had forgotten that I was a smoker."
- Richard Luckett, Austin, Texas resident

Stop Smoking Naturally

The beauty of this unique hypnosis program is that it harnesses your own subconscious mind to end addiction. Hypnosis gives you the powerful mental tools you need to deal with any challenges that come up. With over a 90% success rate, most of my clients experience:

  • No cravings
  • No irritability
  • No weight gain
Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD

"It is like I have a new intuition not to smoke. Any cravings are nanosecond flashes that go away quickly just by deciding: No."
- Brian McCrory, Sound Engineer

Buy the 2 session Tobacco Cessation Package - $289.
This includes two 1 hour sessions, the Stop Smoking 4 good CD (a $30 value). One session also costs $289, so you are getting the second session free! Three sessions costs $389.

Benefits of this Program:

  • More money in their pocket every day
  • More physical energy and stamina
  • Better looking skin
  • Less to worry about
  • Nice smelling hair and clothes
  • Be more attractive to your partner
  • Less illness, allergies and bronchitis
  • No more coughing in the morning
  • Smell and taste food again
  • Be an excellent role model or parent
  • Renewed motivation for physical fitness
  • More time for you to get things done
  • Feelings of self-respect and self-confidence
  • Lower your health insurance premiums
  • Get an IRS tax credit for this program

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, consider these effective hypnosis audios you can listen to in your own time.

Buy the Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD - $29.00
Buy the Wellspring Stop Smoking MP3 - Instant Download - $19.95

Erase Smoking from your Mind

Imagine something. Imagine erasing the word "cigarettes" from a chalkboard.

Erase every bit. Now imagine that chalkboard is your mind. Write the words "good health" in its place. With cigarettes erased, good health can stay there forever. This is an example of one of the many things you will be doing at a deep level with this quit smoking hypnosis program. The difference is that when you follow this guided imagery in a deep hypnotic state, you can erase cigarettes from your mind and forget about smoking.

Stop Smoking Kit


  1. Do it Yourself! Buy the Wellspring Stop Smoking Kit - Only $79.00!

    • Stop Smoking with Hypnosis CD
    • 15 Minute Stress Buster CD
    • 3 tubes of cinnamon toothpicks
    • 20 grams of rhodiola rosea herbal extract to take the edge off
  2. Buy the Wellspring Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD - $29.00
  3. New MP3 Format - Buy the Wellspring Stop Smoking MP3 - $19.95
  4. Buy 2 Stop Smoking Sessions of Hypnosis (in Austin, TX only) - $289
  5. Buy a 2 session Gift Certificate for a friend or family member - $289
  6. Distance Hypnosis by Phone - Are you in Houston, TX, or Portland, OR? Get individualized assistance from anywhere in the United States or Canada. $150 per session (2 sessions recommended).

Harness Your Powerful Subconscious

Your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your normal waking awareness. You can stop smoking so easily with hypnosis because your analytical mind gets out of the way and allows your powerful subconscious mind to create new positive programs at a deep level. When given instructions by someone you trust during a hypnotic trance, your mind-body will respond to those suggestions as if they were real and true. And you are always in control during hypnosis. You will never accept suggestions that are not in alignment with your goals or morals.

Reprogram at a Deep Level

If you have been smoking for years, the act of smoking has become very engrained. It's part of your routine, your activities and even your identity. It has become an automatic subconscious habit with some deep roots. Using willpower or cold turkey doesn't work for long because it doesn't go deep enough; it only hits the surface layer of your ego. You have to get down to the same deep level where the impulse to smoke exists (the subconscious) in order to reprogram it for good. All of my hypnosis programs are designed to reach those deep subconscious layers where true change can take place. Being a non-smoker can become a "new normal" for you.

Lose Weight as a Non-Smoker

"I described hypnosis to a friend as 'massage for the mind.' The focused relaxation I found in my three sessions had a dramatic, positive impact on all aspects of my life. In addition to being both completely smoke free and nicotine free after the first session, I was able to virtually eliminate sugar from my diet and actually lose three pounds the first week!" - Hilary Ann, Grant Writer

Minimize Cravings

The benefit that really made the difference was the minimizing of deep cravings. My thoughts about smoking always remained very superficial so that I never "caved in." -Sharon Maloy, RN

"I Have Tried Everything"

I have heard so many people say, "I have tried everything, and nothing has worked." If this is you, do not despair! Please forget about all the times that you tried to quit and it didn't work. Hypnosis is not like any other method. Other methods to quit only effect the physical addiction. It's the psychological part of the addiction that is the strongest. That's why people who make it through the first weeks with cold turkey, go back to cigarettes again and again. Luckily, hypnosis addresses both the physical and the behavioral aspects. Trust me when I say, hypnosis is a completely different ball game. It's unlike anything you have tried before.

Stop Smoking After 30 Years

"I tried cold turkey, Wellbutrin, patches, gum, and my favorite: snapping my wrist with a rubber band. After 30 pack years of smoking (one pack a day x 30 yrs.) and unsuccessfully trying to stop multiple times, it was hypnosis that did it. " - Klaus Krohn, RN

Features of the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program

Here is what you can expect when you use the Stop Smoking CD, MP3 or private sessions:

  • Cravings are minimized or non-existent
  • New tools for dealing with trigger situations
  • Strategies of coping with stress
  • Little or no irritability, stress or jitters
  • No weight gain or over-snacking
  • No feelings of being deprived or giving something up
  • A new appreciation for clean, fresh air
  • Feel socially integrated instead of an outcast
  • A new sense of yourself as a healthy, non-smoker

More Energy

"I have so much more energy and am getting back into shape-finally. I'll be fifty this year and I want to be in the best physical condition of my life on my birthday in September. Thanks so much..." - Kim Hotman-Harris

A 90% Success Rate

The tried and true Wellspring Hypnosis Stop Smoking program has a 90% success rate for motivated individuals who can follow simple instructions. I have developed this program over many years after studying thousands of clients and teaching dozens of classes. The classes I have taught at the University of Texas and elsewhere have allowed me to test and perfect the techniques that work for the vast majority of smokers.

After helping so many people in Austin, Texas, become non-smokers, I decided it was time to share this highly effective program with the world. It is now available to anyone via hypnosis CDs and hypnosis mp3s.

Save Your Money

For me, it's been 1 year, 10 months and 7 days. I have not smoked 13,536 cigarettes based on the pack a day habit I had. I've saved $2,609.94 based on cigarettes being $3.75/pack." - Allan, Software Architect

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes, you can! People often have misconceptions about hypnosis because they have only seen it in movies or comedy clubs. I can assure you that therapeutic hypnosis is much different. Listening to a hypnosis audio creates a relaxing state of trance where you can absorb healthy new perspectives at a deep level. And you are always in control. In fact, all hypnosis is selfhypnosis. Learn more about hypnosis here.

It's Easy - "Getting into a hypnotic state felt stress free, calming, and it was easy to create in my mind the methods to help me quit smoking. They seemed to be there automatically." - Brian McCrory, Sound Engineer

Celebrities who quit smoking

Join the many celebrities who have used hypnosis to stop smoking.

What Are My Credentials?

Hypnosis is only as good as the hypnotist doing it. Like hairdressers and car mechanics, not all hypnotists are equally talented. It's important to choose someone with a good track record. Please take the time to review the success stories from my many satisfied clients. Notice how often they use words like amazing, shocking, surprising, or "I can't believe it."

I hold two national hypnotherapy certifications and most importantly, my clients are happy!

For those serious about getting the very best help and personalized attention, consider:

  • OFFICE APPOINTMENTS - In-person stop smoking hypnosis sessions are available at my studio in Austin, Texas. Call (512) 466-6655
  • HYPNOSIS-BY-PHONE - Sign up for an over-the-phone hypnosis appointment (two sessions are recommended)
  • BRING A FRIEND AND SAVE - Organize a group of friends and do hypnosis together for added support. I often work with couples, families and friends in and around Austin, Texas. Two sessions for two people is only $525 and includes the complete Stop Smoking Kit.
  • SEMINARS - Check my Stop Smoking Seminar calendar for a seminar near you, or invite me to your company.

GET A TAX DEDUCTION - The IRS wants you to stop smoking too and it is willing to help in the tax deduction department (see IRS publication 502). My programs are also covered by many Federal Savings Accounts (FSA) offered by employers. I do not file insurance.

Things to do before you start this program:

  1. Say "goodbye" to every cigarette you smoke between now and the beginning of your audio program (or appointment with me).
  2. Throw away all of your cigarettes before you start the program. Really.
  3. Clean your windshield, empty your ashtray and deodorize your car.
  4. Clean your household ashtrays and put them away in the closet (for guests who smoke).
  5. No caffeine a few hours before your hypnosis sessions.
  6. Use this internet Quit Meter to determine your savings as a Non-smoker (or how much you have spent since you started smoking).
  7. Write down all the reasons why you want to stop smoking
  8. Imagine your life as a non-smoker as productive, abundant and happier than ever.
  9. Begin drinking lots of water to detox your body.
  10. Begin walking or some other daily exercise routine to clear toxins and to balance your biochemistry. Do this for two weeks after you start the program.

Follow these simple instructions for the most effective way to stop smoking. Throw all cigarettes away before arriving for your appointment (or before you begin the audio program)! If you have them, you will smoke them, so throw them all away. This is important! Set a quit date and make a clean break. You will listen to your Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD every day for 2 weeks. Make it a priority. You can do it!

An Herb that Helps with Smoking Cessation

Best Rhodiola Rosea

My clients find Wellspring Rhodiola Rosea herbal extract helps immensely with tobacco cessation. Rhodiola helps to "take the edge off" and it's also a natural mood enhancer. It was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Newsflash! A Sept.2012 study shows that Rhodiola alleviates nicotine withdrawals. It helps you stop smoking without the blues.

My high stress clients especially love the way it calms them down. Research suggests that it may help balance neurotransmitters in the brain. If you want all the help you can get during your transition to a smoke-free life, you should consider this calming herb. Buy the Wellspring Rhodiola Rosea extract.

Here's how Wellspring Rhodiola helped one client stop smoking:

"I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well. I have had only very few "cravings" (extremely mild) and more importantly the severity of the withdrawal symptoms have been greatly reduced. I have never felt this well during the initial period following smoking cessation. The combination of the hypnosis and the Rhodiola Rosea are doing the job. Thanks again!" - Joe Capello, Systems Analyst

Self-Hypnosis for Snuff and Pot

I offer effective hypnosis programs for these related tobacco and smoking issues:

  • Snuff or chewing tobacco
  • Cigars and pipes
  • Marijuana use
  • Nicotine gum addiction

Quit Smoking Pot

For 33 years I have been smoking pot. Every time in the past that I have stopped smoking it did not work and did not last. There was always a nagging desire to start up again. After one hypnosis session with Aisha, I no longer have the craving. Now I am putting my energy into useful projects that are of direct benefit to me. - B.B., San Antonio, Texas

Stop Toking and Start Focusing

"I smoked pot and drank heavily for seven years. It was my security blanket: I smoked or drank any time I felt stress or anxiety. I went to therapy and outpatient treatment, but I was unable to quit smoking and drinking. I didn't even quit smoking and drinking after my ex-husband divorced me over my addictions.

I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Aisha in April 2006, and I have now been drug-free and alcohol-free for almost 30 days, which is the longest time I've been without pot or a drink in seven years. I don't have any cravings. In fact, the idea of drinking or smoking pot repulses me. I am now able to fully focus my attention on much healthier endeavors.

Aisha helped me finally find balance in my life and accomplish the goals I needed to accomplish, including graduating from the University of Texas School of Law. I now have a very happy, balanced perspective on life. - J.G. (a successful Attorney)

Clinical Studies Show that Hypnosis Works

Success Rates of Different Smoking Cessation Methods

60% - Single session Hypnosis
30% - Cassette tapes with Hypnotic suggestion
29% - Exercise and breathing therapy
25% - Aversion therapy
24% - Acupuncture
10% - Nicotine Replacement Therapy
6% - Willpower alone

* Source: New Scientist magazine, volume 136, issue 1845, 31 Oct 92

Note: The Wellspring Hypnosis Stop Smoking Program uses all of the first four methods combined for powerful inner motivation!

  • The American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy published a report by a doctor using hypnosis on 1000 smokers. After 18 months 94% were still non-smokers after only 3 sessions of hypnosis.
  • A large research project into stop smoking methods was undertaken at the University of Iowa. This comparison of over 600 scientific studies placed hypnosis as the most effective means of smoking cessation available.
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Stop Smoking Success

I've had no issues, not even drinking. - Shana Dickey
Even one drag is very unsatisfying. - Rick Elms
It worked wonders! - Kenny, Bar Manager
I can be around smokers. - Amanda Green
I just feel a lot better. - Carey Helm
I was a heavy smoker. - Tom Bennett
I was very successful! - Tony, UT Student
It just wasn't desirable. - Aaron Cohen
The CD just totally works. - Rick Elms