Hypnosis for Stress Relief

  • Manage your stress proactively
  • End knee jerk reactions
  • Rewire the "fight or flight" response
  • Enjoy speaking up
  • Stop worrying and being negative all the time
  • Date and Socialize
  • End Phobias and Irrational Fears
  • Imagine positive outcomes for the future
  • End panic attacks

Rewire the Fight-or-Flight Response

The response known as "fight or flight" is our bodies way of giving us quick adrenalin energy if we need to run away from a tiger. In the civilized world, the tigers we encounter are only at the zoo. If your fight or flight response is triggering from everyday activities, it's definitely time to recalibrate your emergency response system. This wiring exists at a deep level and so the best way to rewire it is from the inside out with hypnosis.

This is one of my most popular programs!

15 Minute Stress Buster MP3 - $19.95
15 Minute Stress Buster Hypnosis CD - $29.00

Benefits of Hypnosis for Anxiety and Fears

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Positive relationships
  • Better communication
  • Peaceful sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Ability to cope
  • Feel comfortable coping

End Panic Attacks

"After two sessions, I feel much more positive, especially after the breakup of a long relationship. I haven't had any panic attacks like I would have expected. I am now less stressed and feel more relaxed as I begin the process of changing jobs and changing cities! The 15 Minute Stress Buster CD was very helpful for me." - Alicia Aucoin, RN

"I'm definitely more alert but not feeling the constant adrenaline rush like I normally do, either. I definitely feel way less stressed than normal, even during my most stressful work schedule & continued reduction of the anti-anxiety drugs." - Nicole Williams, Revenue Accountant

Learn to Unwind and Relax

It's important to learn things you can do for yourself to relax. You have to do something to create inner peace. Listening to the 15 Minute Stress Buster CD is something you can do for yourself to calm your thoughts and teach yourself to stay centered. Why only 15 minutes? Because stressed people are usually busy people. No matter how busy you are, you can spare 15 minutes a day! You deserve that time for you.

Find Inner Peace

"As I get home each day my shoulders feel tight and my neck aches. I can't wait to pop in my "15 Minute Stress Buster" CD. It's great. Aisha's calming voice is like a wave of relaxation that comes over my body. The CD begins by helping to find a calm place to wind down from a long day. As she speaks I find myself drifting peacefully into a state of perfect tranquility. Then I am guided through some progressive relaxation techniques as I feel a waterfall flow through my body erasing any anxiety or stress. The CD leaves me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on anything put before me!" - Natascha Barreto

Overcome Fear of Flying

[Postcard sent from Italy] "We arrived in Rome yesterday. I made it! Your CD and our sessions were the best tools I could have brought with me. Your newsletters were also very helpful. My husband and I are planning the next trip. Thank you. Ciao!" - Dolores R.,

Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride

"Since our sessions... this is kinda funny, my driving has improved. I noticed I'm not as tense. When I'm tensed, I'm usually speeding. I feel like everyone is racing against me and I cannot stand to be in the slow lane. Now I'm driving in the slow lane and doing the speed limit! I'm in no hurry or rush to get to where I'm going anymore. Now I'm more punctual, calm and relaxed. My anxiety is slowly disappearing." - Diomar Baroga

Rhodiola Rosea Herbal Extract for Stress Relief


Many clients enjoy the Wellspring Rhodiola rosea herbal remedy for stress release. This Rhodiola helps to "take the edge off" and it's also a natural mood enhancer. Studies have shown it to be a powerful and safe adaptogen (a substance that helps you adapt to stress). Warning: many rhodiola brands are low quality and do not provide the same positive effects. Our extract has been tested over many years and hundreds of satisfied customers.

20 gram bottle - contains 200 servings - $24.95

50 gram bottle - buy and save - $49.95

All standardized to 3-5% rosavins plus 2% salidrosides

Research suggests that it may help balance neurotransmitters in the brain. If you want all the help you can get during your transition to a stress-free life, you might consider the extra support of Wellspring Rhodiola rosea extract.

Read more about Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola Client Testimonials

Stay Calm and Focused

"Wow, I am impressed with the Rhodiola. My Focus/Memory, stress, fatigue, mood and physical endurance all improved greatly. I really noticed a big difference in my energy and focus the most. I would say the stress and mood go hand in hand with improvement. I seem to be able to manage the stress better which helps with my mood. Throughout a very hectic day this past week, I was able to keep focused, remain calm and still handle the stress along the way. I would be interested in getting more of this...." - Katie, Financial Consultant

"Better than Valium"

"I'm definitely more cheerful and relaxed in general. Also much more willing to say "I don't care" and not to worry about stuff. Easier to to stop and relax, take the pace a little gentler. Valium has a similar pleasant effect on me, but I haven't had the lethargy that comes with the Valium.

"I find myself not in so much of a hurry, worrying about what comes next, but still productive and reasonably focused. Is this what it feels like to be 'normal'? " - Lillith Avalon, Project Manager

Out of Town? Learn about Distance Hypnosis by Phone

If you want to try self-hypnosis for stress-relief on your own, here are some detailed instructions. You can use the power of your subconscious mind in the comfort of your own home. Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief Instructions.

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Stress Release Success

I haven't had nearly as much anxiety. - Ross, Social Anxiety
My stomach quit hurting. - Brenda J.
I am not stressed out. - Mary Ann
Imagining the positive helps. - Sandy, Panic
I felt good. -Tom, Public Speaking
Feeling a lot less stressed. -Joe, Rhodiola