Lose Weight with Hypnosis

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Eat less - Avoid sugar & carbs - Exercise!

If the holidays gave you good times and a few extra pounds, this is your chance to lose the weight before spring. Learn ways to eat less without feeling deprived, avoid unhealthy foods and exercise consistently. You will re-wire your habits and temptations in these effective group hypnosis seminasr lead by experienced hypnotherapist, Aisha Kessler. Lose the weight and keep it off with positive lifestyle changes!

Sunday, Feb. 10: 3 - 4:30pm......... $39.95
Sunday, Feb. 24: 3 - 4:30pm......... $39.95

Sunday, Mar. 10: 3 - 4:30pm.......... $39.95

Or Register for ALL THREE SEMINARS FOR just $99.95

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Location: Hypnosis Weight loss Seminars are all held in a classroom at First Universal Unitarian Church, 4700 Grover Avenue Austin, TX 78756

Aisha Kessler, B.A. C.Ht.
Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Serving Austin since 2001
512-466-6655 to register by phone

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Lose two sizes
Lose 30 lbs.

Reduce Portion Size

"The first time I actually saw myself take some food OFF my plate to reduce the portion size, I thought, "Who is this?" But that's what I'm doing, reducing the size of my portions and only eating when I'm hungry. "

- Pat Kramer, Travis County Tax Office